The great outdoors.

Now with style, innovation, and sophistication.

Modeled after nature, each plant receives the precise amount of water it requires for optimum growth, rain or shine. The result is a comprehensive and innovative carefree experience.

Knowledge. Control.

Knowing when to add water, and when not.

Each outdoor planter is equipped with a water indicator designed to tell you precisely when and how much water you should add. No more over or under watering! By using this method, the plant has optimum moisture levels at all times.

Easy access.

Water. Nutrients. Happiness.

Each outdoor planter is equipped with a separate supply shaft. This easy access shaft is designed to make watering and fertilizing the plant simple and clean.

The right outdoor mix.

Inorganic. Nutritious. Simple.

For outdoor plants, we use a special inorganic substrate consisting of zeolite, German pumice and lava rock, mixed with a high quality fertilizer. The system works with all types of outdoor plants. You simply buy a plant at your local nursery, remove the loose soil, and add the special substrate at the bottom and at the top of the planter. The substrate will stabilize the moisture level in the planter.


Works. Rain or shine.

All outdoor planters are designed so they function under any weather condition. During hot and dry weather conditions, the built-in water reservoir ensures the plant receives sufficient water. The water indicator tells you precisely when to add water. And during wet and rainy conditions, a uniquely designed overflow system drains excess water and always retains enough water in the water reservoir for the plant. This way, your plant will be safe from ‘drowning’ even during heavy rain!


Beauty. Style. Quality.

All our outdoor planters are manufactured in Germany. They are specially treated to withstand harsh winters, and are UV protected to retain its beauty for years to come. Many of the designs we offer won design awards including the RedDot Award and the German Design Award.


Move. Exchange. Clean.

Most of our outdoor planters come with a fully integrated liner system. This system makes it incredibly easy to remove the plant from the outer planter, without getting your hands dirty. Thanks to this very clever and stylish system, you can remove and interchange your plants easily or place them in storage during winter months.

From A to B.

Rolling around.

Many of our larger outdoor planters can be equipped with an optional coaster system that makes moving, even the heaviest planter, super easy. And since style and quality are always important to us, the coaster system is designed in such a way that it is barely visible.