The common houseplant.

It’s not so common anymore.

Each HappyGrün Plant System is a fusion of natural Canadian beauty and the expertise of German engineering. The result is HappyGrün’s comprehensive and innovative carefree experience.

Clean Hygienic

No Soil.

We like it clean, pure, and hygienic, so we dropped the dirt.

The plant is the core component of a HappyGrün plant system. It is specifically cultivated in our own greenhouse to grow without the need for soil. A comprehensive 3-month process converts a common house plant into a HappyGrün plant. During this time, an entire new root system is developed. By eliminating soil, we also eliminate soil-based insects and pests. And since there is no organic-based dirt, there is no more mold. Say goodbye to allergies, toxic reactions, and infections.

Clean Air

Clean Air.

Air purifying. Air cleaning. Allergy friendly.

The HappyGrün Plant System has unique capabilities to clean and condition the air you breathe. We spend 90% of our time indoors where the air quality is on average 5 times worse than outdoors.

HappyGrün plants are hydroponically cultivated, this means they grow 100% without the use of soil and dirt. The porous nature of the expanded clay aggregate used in the HappyGrün Plant System optimizes the flow of oxygen through the roots where most of the air cleaning takes place. And since plants produce negative ions which attach to and remove particles such as dust, mold, bacteria, and allergens, the HappyGrün Plant System is perfect to clean and humidify your air and to help you live a happier and healthier life.

Clay Pebbles

Expanded clay aggregate.

Natural, high-tech, lasting.

Within the HappyGrün Plant System, this high-tech material replaces dirt. Made out of the highest quality, this million year old natural clay is mined in Germany and is carefully converted into a high-tech aggregate that serves as a foundation for our system. Without adding any chemicals, this all-natural product is produced under a sophisticated process using temperatures up to 1,200C (2,190F). The result is an extremely lightweight, natural pebble which gives the plant hold, transports water to the roots, and is structurally more stable. This means, instead of soil-based planters which look dirty and unmanaged, the HappyGrün System remains beautiful forever.

Water Indicator

Precise. Simple. Easy

No more guesswork – no guessing and no work.

Plants need water, so the HappyGrün Plant System is designed to tell you precisely when and how much you should add. No more over or under watering! By using this method, the plant has optimum moisture levels at all times: your plant is happier and grows healthier than its siblings living in soil.


Chemical engineering at its best

Super food for your plants.

Nutrients: the key to your new, green friend growing up healthily and happily. When you have soil-based plants, the soil contains important nutrients; but over time, soil breaks down. As a result, nutrients fade away, creating a deficiency, and the plant becomes prone to getting sick. You may add fertilizer, but you risk over-fertilizing and burning your plant, or not supplying enough nutrients.

Our GrünPower Ion-Exchange Fertilizer packs a lot of German Engineering into one tiny bottle. We do this because we believe having a healthy and happy plant should not be complicated. GrünPower and GrünPower2 are engineered to absorb and capture potentially harmful substances from your tap water which stresses your plant. In return, essential macro and micro plant nutrients are released. This means you cannot over-feed or over-fertilize the plant. It also means the plant consistently gets just the right amount of nutrients, day in and day out. And despite putting so much technology into such a small place, it lasts up to 4 months, making it as easy and carefree as can be.

Culture Pot

Culture Pot.

Holding it together.

The culture pot is the inner container which holds the expanded clay aggregate, the water indicator, and the plant. What seems like a simple component is actually a precisely-designed piece that has been optimized over many years in Germany. The spaces and gaps are designed in such a way to support air flow and allow the water-based root system to access the nutrient solution. Depending on the planter, the culture pot may include an integrated irrigation system, supplying nutrients to the upper levels of the planter. All our planters are designed and manufactured in Germany, using materials that are not harmful and odourless, and are manufactured in the most environmentally responsible way.

Lechuza Planter Puro


Style and Innovation.

We choose only the best planters that are specifically designed and manufactured for our application to ensure each and every planter is 100% waterproof. Selecting from the Lechuza collection and other high quality manufacturers, our planters are all made from either a high quality ABS material or specially coated, high-end ceramics. Be prepared for a new level of style as HappyGrün’s sophisticated, clean, and modern look enters your home. Winning countless design awards including the RedDot Award and the German Design Award, our planters demonstrate the superiority of HappyGrün products. And because we insist on only the best, all of our planters are Made in Germany.

Water Reservoir

Water Reservoir.

Give yourself a break.

Each planter is equipped with an internal water reservoir. Depending on the type and style of the planter, the amount of water housed in the reservoir varies. Some planters have a reservoir as big as 27 liters [7 gallons]. But regardless of what planter you choose, it can be weeks, and even months between watering. So don’t worry about asking family and friends to water your plants next time you are out of town.


Space for a crowded world.

Plants need space to grow. So when designing the HappyGrün Plant System, we make sure that each plant has sufficient space to grow. Our intention is for you and your friend to experience the journey and to grow together. The expanded clay aggregate we use does not decompose, even under severe conditions. As a result, you will not need to worry about repotting your plant for quite some time.

All inclusive.

Everything you need to be happy.

Every new HappyGrün Plant System comes with a specially cultivated plant of your choice, cultivating pot, outer planter, water indicator, expanded clay aggregate, decorative toppings, one year supply of ion-exchange fertilizer, first aid kit, plant biography, detailed instructions, digital reminders, a one year HappyGrün Care Protection Plan, and a whole lot of love and happiness.

HappyGrün Individual.

The expression of personality.

A Picasso, the first iPhone or a handcrafted Swiss watch – it is their uniqueness which turns objects into events. The HappyGrün build your own feature enables you to build your very own HappyGrün Plant that is unique to you. Like no other object, your plant system will be an expression of your individual character.

Shipping Overview

A Plant – and so much more.

Lasting happiness.

With an incredibly easy-to-use system, advanced engineering, and the highest level of precision, we reinvented owning a plant. Our mission is to keep you and your plant happy. Each plant comes with enough GrünPower Nutrient for an entire year. And if you decide that the natural color of the expanded clay aggregate does not match your interior décor, you can choose different types of toppings that fit your style. Our digital reminders will tell you when it is time to add more fertilizer and for the first couple weeks, we even remind you to check the water level from time to time. And if you ever run into a problem, or your green friend becomes sick, each HappyGrün Plant System comes with an emergency response kit making sure you and your friend will always be living happily ever after.

HappyGrün Care+.

Extra Protection.

Each HappyGrün Plant System comes with a standard one year HappyGrün Care Protection Plan. During this time, you have access to our specialists by phone or email. Additionally, we supply you with customized treatment solutions if your plant ever gets sick, and even replace the plant or its hardware if necessary.

The optional HappyGrün Care+ service extends on this amazing service and gives you up to 3 years protection for you and your plant. And depending on your location and the service you choose, we will perform a quarterly maintenance on your plant and even take care of it while you spend the winter in Mexico or Hawaii.

- HappyGrün Care+ coming soon -

Travelling business class.

I am coming home.

Each HappyGrün plant is delivered to you in a specially designed shipping container. Depending on location and season, each shipping container may be equipped with insulation, heat packs, and more. Travelling can be rough, so we did everything in our power to make it as comfortable and easy for your new friend’s journey to its new home.