Hygienic Sensitive Areas


Looks better. Feels better. Is better.

The HappyGrün Plant System looks incredibly clean. This look is an expression of the inner values of our system. Since we eliminated the use of soil, there is no organic base for bacteria, soil based pests, and mold to grow. The system is designed so it is incredibly easy to rinse down the planter, the plant, and even the expanded clay aggregate from time to time. And since it is so much cleaner and more hygienic than soil based planters, it looks cleaner in the long term too. Say goodbye to dirty, unmanaged planters in your home and businesses. It is because of this quality that countries like Switzerland even have laws demanding the use of hydroculture systems like the HappyGrün Plant System to be exclusively used in hospitals and other hygienic sensitive areas. In Germany, almost all plants in public spaces such as offices, schools, and shopping malls use this kind of system and for good reasons!

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