Fresh tastes better.

Simple. Stylish. Delicious.

Now, there is an entirely new way of have having access to fresh, delicious, and healthy herbs – easy, clean, stylish.

Simple. Genius. Fun.

Fresh taste. Simplified.

Our kitchen planters are specifically designed to keep store-bought herbs fresh for weeks. The planter comes with a clever water irrigation system. No repotting necessary. You simply place the store bought herbs directly into the planter with no added fuss - easy and practical. After watering, the herb plants will intake exactly the amount of water it needs via an internal irrigation strip.

Precise. Simple. Fun.

No more guessing. Just great taste.

Herbs need water, so our planters are designed to tell you precisely when and how much you should add. No more over or under watering! Each planter is equipped with a visual indicator telling you exactly when the plants need to be watered again.


More from less.

Each planter is equipped with an internal water reservoir holding up to 0.5 liters of water to ensure the herbs stay fresh for weeks. So don’t worry about asking family and friends to water your herbs next time you are out of town. The system will take care of itself.


Small. Big.

The kitchen herbs planters are designed to hold standard store-bought herb grow pots up to 13 cm [5 inch] in diameter.


Clean. Hygienic. Easy.

Our planters are designed to have your health in mind. They are produced using high quality materials, are UV resistant, and are 100% food safe. After you finished using your herbs, just rinse the planter with some warm water and liquid dish soap and the planter will be ready for the next batch of fresh herbs and delicious cooking.