Digital Connectivity

Hello, I am Obama your plant.

Let’s have a chat.

We have taken an innovative approach to make our HappyGrün Plants System incredibly easy, carefree, and stylish. But to us, this is only the beginning. Plants are living creatures. They can be happy, they can be sick, they like some things, and dislike other things. They do incredible things for us like cleaning the air we live in, producing oxygen we breathe, or adding humidity to our environment. And like every living being, they need water, nutrients, sun, warmth, and love.

Imagine that your plant has a name, Obama. Imagine that Obama told you how hard he worked to clean the air in your room today while you were busy at work. Imagine that he tells you that you do not need to water him again for another two weeks. Imagine that he shares with you that he would prefer a little more sun, or that he gets hungry and he would like some HappyGrün plant food.

We are dedicated to make this imagination a reality. And when we do, your house plant will become your friend, and your smart phone will become a translator.

Coming soon.